Water, Elixir of Life

September 8, 2015
  |   Kirsten Bergstrom
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A vacation cruise, a sail, a day at the beach spent listening to the rhythm of pounding surf upon sand. We appreciate our oceans but we forget how much we depend upon them. Without water, there would be no life on earth. 

All life, including our own, depends on healthy oceans.

Our saltwater seas cover 71% of our planet and comprise the basic component that makes all life possible. We are sustained by the oceans, as the driving force of our climate, with a hydrological cycle that provides most of the freshwater and oxygen essential to our lives. Water satisfies our thirst and nourishes our crops.

This awareness, coupled with the many unforgettable bluewater voyages of ExploringCircle staff, inspired us to choose water as our Pay it Forward theme.

For decades, we and our client travelers have explored the seven seas. We have had incredible experiences in the Antarctic, the Arctic, and many magical places in-between. We have gasped during 2AM watches, roused from sleepiness to a state of awe as bioluminescent marine life glows beneath the water’s surface. We have driven Zodiacs in the Antarctic, and have seen whales just a few feet away. These experiences are profound, almost indescribable. Regardless of the verbiage that surrounds them, they have instilled a lasting appreciation for the oceans and a desire to be good stewards of our planet.

We want not only to continue to explore and help others explore; we also want to give back.

We hope you will join us in our endeavor with an unforgettable experience of your own. With every ExploringCircle trip you book, we donate 5% to one of our cause partners.

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