Travel Stories

A Galapagos Odyssey

John R., January 2017 from Reno, NV

Thanks to Kristy for arranging this special trip for us. My wife Bernadine and I are relatively experienced travelers, retired and we were thoroughly impressed with the voyage- it was one of the best small boat cruises we have every taken. All of Kristy's recommendations were spot-on and all the travel arrangements were seamless.

Ship Name
M/Y Galapagos Odyssey

Unforgettable Family Adventure

Jennifer King, November 2016 from Westerly, RI
Ship Name
M/Y Isabela II


Barbara & Dean Dobbins, February 2016 from Loveland, CO

We sailed on the M/V Plancius between January 16-February 3, 2016. There are not enough words to describe how magnificent our trip turned out. The scenery, wildlife and locations took our breath away.

Ship Name

Absolutely awesome!

Max Keyser, October 2015 from , West Virginia

“I worked with Lori Goodwin, who was absolutely great... Everything was perfect.  All we had to do was show up and Lori already had taken care of travel from hotel to airport, etc.  She booked our flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia and back and she booked hotel rooms for us.  She really fitted us to the ship that was perfect for us.  She was absolutely awesome.”  - Max W. Keyser, WV

Seeing The World Through Kindness

John Osborne, August 2015 from , Indiana

Over the last decade, while in my 80s, Kristy helped me explore the world. This was a unique challenge, because I suffer from Macular Degeneration, and was slowly losing my eyesight. This did not stop me from seeing and hearing and feeling so many amazing places. After a few trips, when it became clear that I could not longer travel on my own, I enlisted members of my church to join me. On each trip, I brought a travel companion to help me "see." 

Over the last decade I explored the world. My journeys took me to Africa twice; Antartica three times, Australia, New Zealand and the Sub-Antarctic Islands, and a special WWII-focused trip to the South Pacific Islands. The list that enriched my life goes on: Alaska, The Russian Far East, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Papua New Guinea.

For each trip, we discussed my travel goals and Kristy created a unique itinerary. She took such care and put such attention to detail. She helped me "see" the world, when I was losing my eye sight and in my final years.

I am forever grateful.