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5 Gyres

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Earth's oceans are a network of currents called gyres that circulate water globally.  In effect, it is all one ocean.

5 Gyres has a vision of a planet free of plastic pollution, and they have been a global leader in researching the extent of plastics in the world’s oceans and coastal environments.  They have an aim to empower citizens to become leaders in combating the global health crisis of plastic pollution with the idea that it will take all of us to solve this massive, devastating issue.

In addition to field research, they educate youth and consumers as well as business and government leaders about ocean plastics, and they advocate politically for solutions.  Some of the programs and projects by 5 Gyres include research expeditions, international beach habitat restoration, data collection and sharing of data, political advocacy and campaigns, and citizen science programs that support sailors, youth and citizens to systematically analyze micro plastic pollution on sandy beaches and in ocean surfaces. 

Pay it Forward.

Select this cause when booking your trip and ExploringCircle will donate up to 5% of your trip fare to 5 Gyres Oceanic Science Solutions.

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